Celebrity | 14 June 2023 10:25 CET

Note From Mr. Macaroni To Hilda Baci That Is Shaking Media Spaces

By Agboola Ibrahim

Mr. Macaroni, a Nigerian skit maker, content creator, and influencer has sent a captivating note to Hilda Baci, the latest holder of the Guinness World Record on the longest cooking hour.

Mr. Macaroni's message is coming just a few hours away after Guinness World Records confirmed Hilda Baci as the record holder of the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Recalled that The Nigerian Voice reported the cooking marathon that was undergone by Hilda Baci on May 2023 which made her surpass the previous holder, Latan Tondon.

In a recent post by Mr.Macaroni following Hilda's feat, he sent hearty congratulations to her. He also revealed the lesson he learned from the cooking Marathon.

According to the content creator, he asserted that he learned the spirit of resilience from her project. He mentioned that Hilda refused to give up even though he surpassed Lata Tondon's 87 hours cooking hours record.

In this light, the content creator has expressed the project he will embark soon that will make him also enter the Guinness World Records.

He disclosed that through the inspiration he got from Hilda Baci he will be doing Freek-a-thon. The Freak-A-Thon,” is to spend the longest time chasing “freakies,” possibly referring to his comedy skits.

“Congratulations Hilda Baci. The greatest lesson here is that Hilda did not stop even after surpassing the 87 hours set by Lata Tondon.

She went all the way to 100 hours and the decision to do so helped her set a new world record despite GWR taking away 7 hours.

I’m inspired to do more. Thank you, Hilda. Daddy Wa is ready to shake the world”. He said.

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