Celebrity | 5 June 2023 15:41 CET

Wizkid Reveals Scary Dream He Had About Tomorrow

By Agboola Ibrahim

Wizkid, a talented afrobeat Nigerian singer has revealed what is considered a terrible dream that he had about tomorrow.

Interestingly, as Wizkid shared the dream on his official Tiktok, many fans reacted to it aggressively. Wizkid also shared his chat with a fan while noting that he’s not the only one with a mental challenge.

According to Wizkid, he had a dream where he witnessed everybody searching diligently for ‘tomorrow.’

Wizkid said in the dream he had, there was no tomorrow but everybody was still bent on finding it.

“Wait. Nevermind. Actually mind. Na so I dream oooo say tomorrow no dey. All of us come together dey find tomorrow”, Wizkid wrote.

Reacting to this, a fan sent Wizkid a message to find out if people later found ‘tomorrow’, a question which threw Wizkid off balance.

“We later find am? Make I know if I go stop hustle today o”, the fan asked.

Wizkid responded: “Omo no be only me dey mad for here o.”

Reacting to this, Ijoba National said: “I like wizkid kind of vibe. Chill smoke Igbo, come online read funny things don’t comment or like any, then after like 2-3months come online scatter everywhere dem run leave una again. Man too chill to Dey rant online.”

Gynola wrote: “He’s hilarious, the post was funny seeing it on ig, no be only him dey mad.”

Sir Bigwiz reacted: “Don go smoke him loud again hit fit talk say make we dey expect new single next week Friday baba Werey lol.”

Miami asked: “Basito why you go buy that sehidu blunt for Baba Nla after I don tell you make you no day go there again.”

Slidelly added: “Na who some people they troll be this o. Height of unseriounes if any word like that.”

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