Nollywood Exclusive | 24 February 2023 17:45 CET

Ashmusy: It Was Tempting; But I Rejected #20million Offer From A Political Candidate

By Agboola Ibrahim

Popular Instagram influencer, Ashmusy has in her recent post reported to the public how a big politician don attempted to entice her with huge money in order that she declare and work for him in the election.

She practically told the public what they would like by saying as a matter of fact that she rejected the sum of N20M from a politician who wanted her to campaign for him using her influence.

Although, in her report, she disclosed that the offer was hugely tempting and she fought very hard inwardly before she finally concluded to reject the money. However she reported that her rationale for rejecting the money is because she doesn't trust the capacity of the politician.

According to Ashmusy, she realized that selling her soul all because of money in a country where the rich is even suffering talkless of the poor ones is not the actual thing for her to do.

Ashmusy wrote:
”Confession-I got offers of 10m to 20m for a (one) political post… (for the other candidate that we don’t want)

It was tempting won’t lie.. But realizing I’m gonna be selling my soul to the devil.. realizing My children, grandchildren, family, Loved ones will be in the country suffering !! Because I made the ST id decision to post/vote for the wrong person… I said a BIG NO!

instabloggja Because in this country, even the rich is suffering, how can work somuch to make money in naira, just for the naira to be dropping like pure water everyday, if you change it to pounds or dollars, you will just cry, please we are all tired, forget, God abeg!”

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