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Nigeria Celebrities Who Have Had Encounter With Witches

By Agboola Ibrahim

Do you Eekana? Kazeem Muritala is professionally known as Eekana. He was a full-time movie producer who joined theatre right from primary school. In an interview with Ojopagogo TV, he shared some of his experiences while shooting epic films.

The most fascinating of his challenges in his narration was his encounter with Witches. He had chosen to shoot his movie at Ore in 2004 where witches were gathered having meeting. But, he was not a witch, or has a spiritual eyes to discern the presence of the witches.

Something happened; something terrible indeed: As soon as action commenced the camera caught fire. In few minutes it was fixed again, surprisingly, the camera exploded again when they re-entered action.

Nevertheless, After many attempts with no workable solution, one old priest in the village called them and informed them that their camera will not work because they were already trespassing on the land of the real witches. Infact the priest said to him that if they failed to appease them one of the casts will die that night. To avert the looming danger, he performed a relatively big sacrifice where an invisible hands took away the items of sacrifice.

Significantly, Another Popular Yoruba actress Margaret Bandele Olayinka professionally known as Iya Gbonkan. In an nterview with U & I EvergreenTV, recounted a bizarre experience with Witches who dealt with her for her role in one of her movies ‘Koto Orun’.

The veteran said the Witches who used to come around 12 midnight beat her to stupor many times in her sleep. Infact, she claimed that she was compelled by the witches to join them but she declined.

“There was even a time they beat me in my sleep to the point they dented my face. They tried to initiate me that I should come and join them in shedding and drinking blood but I resisted their attempt that it’s not in my lineage to do such."

Also, We have not forgotten The controversial film star, Tonto Dike who once decried the torment of witches.

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