General News | 17 October 2022 16:56 CET

2 Reasons Asake Will Continue To Trend

By Agboola Ibrahim

The fast rising Nigeria singer, Asake has got many people talking about his musical talent. His Recent album has earned him more accolades this year than many celebrated Nigeria Star.

His sudden rise to fame has made several people draw conclusion and prediction about his likely decline from stardom like many Stars have done in the last. In fact many have predicted that in the nearest future Asake would not be head of again. However, two factors holds that Asake will remain in the industry for years. The factors include: His inherent gift and the greatness of his boss, Olamide, the owner of YBNL Nation.

Asake's style of singing compels one to think that his music comes naturally and an inherent gift. The uniformity of his songs and his intermittent release of songs in quick succession is another factor of his inherent talent.

Another factor his the greatness of his boss, Olamide Badoo, the owner of YBNL Nation. It's unarguably that Olamide is giant in the industry whose significance is constantly rubbed on Asake.

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