Nollywood At Large | 5 April 2022 10:32 CET

I'm ok with legalization of 'wee'; let's brew and drink it, it was made by God — Majid Michel

By Kumah Prince Michael

Renowned actor, Majid Michel has said ‘weed’ is a God-made plant which he believes there is nothing with it if legalised.

“I’ve done drugs before; I’ve indulged in drugs before. I’ve done hard drugs. I don’t mean weed. I don’t see anything wrong with ‘weed’, it was God-made. It was created by God,” he stated in a recent interview.

Speaking in the interview, the actor, while recounting hard drugs he did in the olden days stated that he never saw anyone overindulge in ‘weed’.

“I’ve never heard of anybody who has overdosed on weed… I’ve done things out of weed. I’ve done cocaine and LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide).

"I’ve done other drugs that if I told you right now, you’ll not be able to pronounce. These were years back and I didn’t struggle to overcome it,” he said.

The actor added that although weed is made by God for medicinal purposes, one is not expected to be violent after taking it.

He recommended brewing and drinking weed as compared to the regular style of smoking.

“Maybe because of the smoke… maybe that’s why health-wise, it is advisable for people to brew and drink it because that is not wrong at all. You drink teas, don’t you,” he said.

Despite his support for the legalization of the substance, Majid Michel urged government to take full responsibility before taking such steps.

“I am for it completely but then again before anything is legalized, the government wasn’t ready to take responsibility and must exhaust the consequences that come true with the legalization of ‘weed’ before the decision is made.

"Before the government decided to pass a law for the legalization of weed then they must make sure that they have exhausted all possible avenues by learning from countries that have done it,” he suggested.

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