Nollywood Affairs | 17 June 2020 22:06 CET

Actress Faithia Williams Calls On Nigeria To Stop Glorifying Fraud, Denounces Fake Page Using Her Image To Defraud People

By BBB Media

Nollywood actor, Faithia Williams calls on Nigerians to stop glorifying fraud, encouraging it or supporting it weeks after an attempt of impersonation of her by a certain page on Instagram identified as @gra_ce657.

The Instagram page, @gra_ce657 which is currently making use of the actress’s image as her profile picture continuously posts pictures of the actress and her giveaway transactions in order to impersonate her and defraud people of their hard-earned money.

Reacting to this, the actress took to her Instagram page to speak on fraud, the negative impact on victims and also denounce knowing the account using her page to perpetuate this evil act, she wrote “I have been informed of @gra_ce657 using my image to scam people all their hard-earned money, let me state this clearly that I do not have anything with this account, scheme or anything that tells people to bring their money. Please beware of this account or any other account using my name or face for any illegal business. Let me state this unequivocally, I know the country is hard and I know a lot of us are trying to survive but please we need to stop doing fraud, encouraging fraud and defending those who do fraud simply because they flash money or they have talent. Fraud is a fraud, it is illegal and it hurts other people. Many have been sent to early graves because of some people’s fraudulent activities, it is bad when we use celebrity image or status to scam people. Please note that fraud has consequences and let us not encourage it.”

Faithia Williams is a talented Nollywood actress who is well known for her amazing role interpretation skill and for her impact on taking Nollywood to the next level.

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