Nollywood At Large | 24 September 2018 19:23 CET

I Work Hard without Spreading My Legs for Any Man…Actress, Didi Ekanem

In this era where we now find some ladies in search of quick money and are ready to do anything to get to that top, some ladies still give many hope that there are good ladies around like Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem.

The actress is not just depending on acting but also owns her clothing line which has been doing well and today she is proud of herself having come this far and still hustling hard.

Well, she recently shared a strong message for her future hubby by letting him know that she does sleep around with men to make a living as she has worked hard and still working to get to the level she is now.

In her words, “You see that woman right there, she deserves nothing but the very best from any man. Her heart is as pure as that of a baby. She works so hard to provide for herself without spreading her legs. So when you come for her, you better come with your A-game to love and treat her right else she wouldn't hesitate to cut you off. Loneliness has never killed anyone before but heartbreak and depression.”

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