Beauty | 1 May 2018 12:09 CET

Actress, Daniella Okeke Freshly Baked Backside in Public

Hmm, Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke, has given some of her fans reasons to doubt her massive backside which has been part of her selling point.

The actress recently shared some cute photos of herself which showed the new shape the backside has taken.

Some of her fans believe that it is not her real rare as it looked bigger than the way it used to be.

Read some comments below from her fans;
obinnauba500Hmmm this Nyash no be for children.
jannybootyjohnsonThis lady if i said me no love you hmm i die anytime you post

graceofgod001This ass is not real
olori.adunnigold1And you said it real chaii🙆🏽♀️. I want some

idama28efeWahala for anybody Wen no get yansh oooooo..... I love

akerevivezCan this buts be natural?
faith.official_Is that a black football

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