Beauty | 11 October 2017 12:24 CET

I was Frustrated when I Had Pimples on my Face...Actress, Sophia Chikere

Nollywood actress, Sophia Chikere, is one fair skin actress that many have wondered how she manage to maintain her skin as some have even suggested that she is possibly bleaching.

The actress sharing her skin story disclosed that she is naturally a light skin fellow but was frustrated at some point when she began to have skin challenges due to the type of cream she was using.

Now she has her own product which she manufactures as she went studying about skin for several months and today he can boast of what she produces which has seen her get lots of testimonies.

"This is my before n after pics.. I used to suffer from terrible acne, pimples etc before I discovered my skin care products, I used lots of skin care products and I got terrible acne, redness, pimples, sun burn on my face, in as much as am naturally a very light skinned girl, my complexion darken due to those skin care products I was using and I was frustrated and that became a nightmare for me cos I always wanted my skin to be healthy n flawless.

"That frustration made me go into sourcing for the right skin care products. Studied it for months n the rest is history! I remb how frustrating it was for me because I had to use so much foundation and concealer on my face to coat n cover it up, even early in the morning when I go to the gym becos if you see my face without concealer or foundation U will pick race but today I have that flawless, no acne, pimples, redness, smooth and soft clear face and skin, and most especially my skin tone got better! You too can have it n You won't break the bank to achieve it," she wrote.

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