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Actor, Emeka Amakeze recalls how his Woman gave him Tough time in School

Nollywood actor, Emeka Amakeze, can also fit into the shoes of a marriage counsellor as he has spent about 16yeras in the game of love so he can be said to be a professional lover.

Bros is happily celebrating his love life with his wife, Oyedika, as their union clocked 16years today and still counting.

Rather than regret, the day was one in which he used in recalling the tough time she gave him while in school but as faith would have it, they were able to pull through and become man and wife.

Celebrating his union, he wrote, “@onyedikablessingamakeze Do you remember these pictures we took as students?

So, guys... I went after this babe in our undergraduate years. After her initial gra gra, we closed up and our love flourished. We were like ube na ọka. We graduated and walked down the aisle.

And today? We are even closer and better than 5 and 6, ube na ọka, akara na bread, gala and lacasera, and the rest of those things you guys love to mix together... I celebrate her today not just because it is our 16th year of being together as husband and wife... Wives come in different shades but she has remained the wife. And I found a good thing.” #marriage #wedding #family #wife #weddinggown #love #anniversary ​ #bestoftheday #photooftheday #tagsforlikes #fun #instagood #husband

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