Sightings | 5 December 2015 11:06 CET

Why There are Single Parents Today…Cynthia Morgan Speaks

The dream of every child is to have both parents catering and showing them the much needed love as they grow in life so as to be able to achieve their dreams in life and become a better person to the society.

For Nigerian dance-hall star, Cynthia Morgan, she was rather an observer in school while her friends explain how they had fun at various vacation spots with their families together.

The singer disclosed to Punch that she never grew with both parents but later had the opportunity of meeting her father at the age of seven.

She explained that for some kids, they will want to use the opportunity of not growing with both parents to become wayward but she saw that as an opportunity towards becoming a better person to put smiles on her mum's face.

She said, “The first time I met my father was when I was seven years old and I know what it feels like. There is the psychological effect that comes with growing up without your parents together as a kid. It is only few people like me that came out normal and I became determined to be successful in life so as to make my mother proud.”

The singer added that some kids today have used the opportunity of not growing with both parents to leave a bad lifestyle which has prompted some of them becoming single parents today without knowing that it was not the wish of their mother to be single while training them.

In her words, “some people use that as an escape to be wayward and turn out to be a single parent just like their mothers who gave birth to them. They forget that no woman wishes to be a single parent if they really knew what they were going into. Everyone wants the best for their kids and having a father is one of those things.”

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