Relationships | 2 April 2018 10:41 CET

Is it Right for a Lady to Support her man financially for her Marriage Rites?

There is something that has been bothering me for some time now and I wish to ask both singles and experience couples if there is really an issue in it.

There are some single guys out there who are ready to settle down and genuinely love their spouse but no money to do the right thing possibly because there are no jobs or poor take home pay, will it be a crime if the lady is doing fine and can support him in the marriage plans?

Seriously, let’s discuss this. If a lady is doing fine, will it be a crime for her to give the guy money to do the necessary marriage rites with the guy adding the little he has to it?

Truth is, there are so much pressures on the guy as he is seen as the head of the home but what can he do when there is no money to do the right thing and I know some will say he better not get married then.

Let’s read your view on this.

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