Relationships | 4 June 2013 05:22 CET

This isn’t the woman I married

By Agatha

How does one describe a woman who under the guise of going for a holiday abroad came back a different person? Since last year, I have heard stories of my wife of almost 25 years having affairs with boys her sons' ages.

You see Agatha, one gets to an age in life when one pretends not to notice or hear certain things. At 61, I have seen almost all the shades of life to be shocked. Between you and I, when these stories about my wife were coming, I at first didn't believe them but I began to suspect when she started behaving in stranger manner. She was wearing clothes that left her behind exposed, I mean blouses that really didn't cover her up.

I am 11 years older than she is. At 50, she still looks beautiful and appealing in the kind of way women blessed with good body usually are at that age.

Even when I thought they were right, I made up my mind to be fair to her. I too have had flings here and there. If she wanted to feel young, I figured, I should let her be. At my age, I was too experienced in the ways of men and women to bother myself with whatever she maybe have decided to do. Besides, it was the best way for me to handle my heart problem. I wasn't ready to die over the decision of one woman, even if she is my wife to have a relationship outside our marriage. As long as she didn't end up embarrassing me, kept it out of my sight and environs, I was ready to endure the marriage because as a wife and mother, she has really tried.

But not even my resolve to look the other way prepared me for the latest development. Sometimes, I wonder if women ever think or know the implications of their decisions. My wife traveled to United kingdom to spend sometime with our daughter or so she said.

Six weeks, she comes back looking 20 years younger courtesy of a dramatic plastic surgery she went for. She didn't bother to inform me, ask for my opinion and permission before taking such a major decision.

From her action, it is obvious to me that what I think no longer matters. Although in front of her people compliment her new looks, behind her, they mock us. As a matter of fact, her children too are embarrassed by her decision and a few of my friends have asked me why I allowed her get away with it.

Sincerely, I have had it with her. I am really angry with everything and I am not impressed with her looks at all. Like her, I have also refused to discuss whatever she did to herself and refused to be seen together with her. I guess the reaction of the people around her must have gotten through to her because she no longer attends the family church; instead she now attends one of her friends' church.

I hope you don't regard my question as an insult but what is it with you women? Why do women hurt the men who love them the most? What goes on in the mind of the average woman?

Although my mind is made up about my marriage but I can't help wondering if you women think at all.


.[Daily Independent]

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