General News | 31 March 2018 18:59 CET

I was Banned for 2years in Nollywood but I Survived...Actress, Omotola Jalade

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade, has really come a long way in the Nigerian movie industry and to a large extent, she has seen it all.

The actress who is one of the most celebrated celebrity, took to her social media to share some personal experience which she hopes will touch a live somehow.

Omotola recalled how things were tough for her especially when she lost her father and had to struggle to get a good life which eventually happened but at a cost as she was banned or about two years but still pulled through.

“My Dad died ! Everything went downhill. It looked like even schooling had come to an end. All Hope seemed to have come to an End! I was able to stand against all odds beside my widowed Mum. I wanted to be successful so bad, I was sensitive to all opportunities. I escorted a friend to an acting audition, she didn’t get in, i did. I Found my Future… , It was tough …#YetIwon

Fast forward to the Ban on Top actors. Everyone was banned for one year. I was banned for 2! I had always wanted to do music…my first Love but there was No time. Now I had time, Against all odds I did and Released my First Album “GBA” Had a Hit single “Naija Lowa” Was invited for the Grammy! My song “Barren Land From my second Album “Me myself and eyes ” was adapted by Amnesty international and I was signed to Bungalo Universal ! I earn Royalties in $$$ … Despite the ups and downs ….. yetIwon

“No matter what life throws at you , you Can pull through. You must refuse self pity or to be a victim . Make your pain your Motivation.You can Win and keep winning… From Ikoyi to IyanaIpaja Now to the World. #YetIwon I challenge World Class Manager/Publicist @k3pr and the Indomitable @moabudu to tell their #YetIWon story to encourage young girls out there.”

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