Touch Of Thoughts | 20 December 2017 18:21 CET

2017 Top 5 Most Productive Beauty Pageants

Beauty Pageants generally has gone beyond the Beauty, that’s the expensive truth so many pageant organizers fail to understand.

It’s not just about the beauty; it’s more about Impact on their lives of others and the society in general.

What Beauty Queens do nowadays is paying courtesy visits to corporate & private government agencies where they are lavished with personal gifts, releasing pictures online, spending money on parties and most of them end up not doing anything that touches and impact lives of the needy and Nigerians in Generally.

A reputable media firm in Abuja, Barcity Media decided to feature Productive Beauty Pageants in Abuja today, a city which has become the biggest Pageant City in Nigeria, This Article should encourage pageants with no aim, vision and plan to work harder and come out with good plans & projects that can impact lives.

1 Miss Health Beauty Pageant: This is one of the newest beauty contest in Abuja but its impact to the society is quiet so high, the Miss Health Initiative has embarked on over 25 Health Projects this year starting from the Various Health Outreaches within the Capital City to the Benue Flood Project to the Cancer Week Project and many others, the initiative also have the 8years old Little Miss Queen who has carried out several projects too.

2 Queen of Aso Nigeria Pageant: This is one of the oldest & biggest beauty pageants in Abuja, they have produced so many beauty pageants that impacted lives with several projects.

Some of their Projects include; Kick against Rape Football Tournament, Several Seminars for Peace, Entrepreneurs, Young Leaders & many more, Go the Extra Mile, Operation Ember Month Campaign and many more humanitarian projects.

3 Miss Peace Nigeria Beauty Pageant: Over the years, This Beauty Contest has set good standard and produced beauty queens that have positively impacted on their society.

Some of their projects include; Several Charitable Outreaches, Peace Campaigns, Building of Orphanage Home and many others.

4 Miss Comely Beauty Pageant: Another Purpose oriented pageant made the list, this pageant has produced beauty queens that have contributed impressively to the fight of Breast Cancer in Nigeria.

Some of their Projects include; Several Charitable Outreaches, Seminars on Breast Cancer, Several other awareness campaign on Breast Cancer and also they produced a movie on Breast Cancer which was premiered this year in Abuja.

5 Face of Democracy Beauty Pageant: Face of Democracy Nigeria is one distinguished beauty pageant in Abuja which major aim is promoting the spirit of Democracy in Nigeria.

The Pageant has raised beauty queen who acts as good ambassadors to the country, the Face of Democracy 2016/2017 also embarked on several charitable projects within and outside the FCT.

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