City Flame | 31 August 2017 16:52 CET

I Know Bobrisky From Scratch, I Can’t Judge him now…Actress, Sotayo

Today is controversial cross dresser, Okuneye Idris better known as Bobrisky birthday and he has been celebrating the best way he can with lots of good wishes coming in.

One of those who knows him too well is Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola better known as Sotayo, who shared a picture of him as she wished him many more years better she did not escape her fans axe as they came trolling on her.

According to the fans who came blasting the actress, “everlee_official: I can't believe @sotayogaga can be celebrating this demon... So disappointed in you #Gaga

“its.king.jimmy: @sotayogaga so you supporting this evil guy? You loose your respect from my side for supporting and promoting this deadly DISEASE, and every other stupid people out there interview and promoting this BASTARD and giving rooms for others to come up will all perish

But rather than get angry with her fans, the actress was a bit calm as she explained that she is not one of those who like judging others as they are entitled to their way of life.

sotayogaga : @its.king.jimmy @everlee_official ... come to think of it, i can’t create a common rat as a human. I didn’t ask him to be a cross dresser neither, it’s his choice. I knew him from the scratch. I can’t judge him because he is human. Whatever he has chosen to become is his choice. You saying i am supporting is what i don’t understand because i don’t clothe him nor buy his makeup. It’s his birthday and i can never deny not knowing him.”

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