Sightings | 21 August 2017 11:10 CET

Charly Boy lauds Buhari for yielding to calls to return home

CharlyBoy, popularly known as AREA FADA, convener of “Our Mumu Don Do” movement, has penned an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari who just returned to Nigeria after spending over 100 days on medical vacation to London.

Charly boy who led a coalition of Civil Society Groups on a protest in the Federal Capital Territory, calling on the President to resume or resign, commended him for eventually returning back home.

Below is the full text of the letter as made available to News men.

Dear Mr. President sir,
When I learned that you would be returning yesterday, I was glad because it means you eventually listened to our cries and yearnings. You have returned at a time when our country needs you most to surmount the crucibles battering us as a people and a nation. Though for a very steep price, we never allowed our voices to go unheard and we are glad you ultimately listened to us.

You have returned at a time when our great country is battling a slew of disastrous storms. This is a difficult time in our national history where insightful and sagacious leadership is greatly required. Now that you are back stronger, I would like you to become the rescuer that our country terribly needs at this trying time.

As you may know, millions of students are currently at home doing nothing because their schooling was suddenly disrupted by the decision of their disgruntled lecturers to go on an indefinite strike. Some of these students are 3months away from becoming a graduate. This is the time to rekindle their hope before they become a nonentity to themselves and the society. You must expediently attend to our ever-debilitating education sector, massively increase the budget for education and treat not only the ministers and permanent secretaries but also the lecturers and school heads aright. If the lecturers are well paid and paid as at when due, they will gleefully impart knowledge into our children who will become the leaders of this great nation tomorrow.

Ensuing from my research, no Nigerian university is currently among the top 20 universities in Africa. This is a shame for a country touted as the Giant of Africa. We must raise the standard of our education sector tremendously. A country with a vibrant education is a country with a bright future. By investing massively in education, we indubitably bolster productivity in our economy and also transformational innovations that would avail our country.

Further to this Mr. President, one of the most pernicious threats beleaguering us today is insecurity of lives and properties. We are constantly being battered and forced to the grim reaper by different monsters in different quarters of the nation. In the north, the Boko Haram sect, Fulani herdsmen, the October 1st Ultimatum and the IPOB agitation still depredating lives and properties. The people in other parts of the country are not safe either. Kidnappers are increasing by the day and hoodlums are flooding the streets every other day. This is the time to deliver on the mandate the Nigerian people gave to you. I believe that you will take every necessary step to quickly bring an end to these national threats just as you work assiduously towards exterminating the perennial economic hardship besetting the country.

I wish you long life and sound health Mr. President. Once again, you are welcome.

Areafada (CharlyBoy)
President of all Frustrated Nigerians

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