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Govt. should invest in the Entertainment industry not Laws Banning Videos…Comedian, I Go Dye

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Comedian, I Go Dye, has also lent his voice on the hot issues of the federal government wanting to ban the shoot of videos outside the country.

The comedian rather than blast the government decided to use the dialogue approach to appeal to the government to meet with stake holders to see how things can be done in the industry rather than go ahead with the ban.

Read his opinion below;
“Undoubtedly, entertainment: Music, Comedy, Sport, and Film productions are the highest-ranking human resource export from Nigeria. Government should protect their intellectual property and invest into its capacity building.

I have observed with keen interest the recent reports credited to the honourable minister of information and culture, proposing to ban the production of our indigenous films abroad. Instead of such pronouncements, I expect a mutual partnership with government and all stake holders in the entertainments industry. What level of support has government provided to growth of entertainment in terms of protecting their works?

Piracy is still on the high, most of the actors, actresses and producers do not earn what’s is obtainable in other parts of the world in terms of technical, social support and general contribution to their well being. I recommend that instead of putting laws to check the issue of films produced outside Nigeria.

Government should invest in the sector to develop it, introduce partnership that will bring about government earning funds from the services provided through technical equipment, logistic sites, and establishment of a standard Nollywood village. More so soft loans should be provided to aid film production, while the ministry of information and culture should engage the film writer and producers to build contents that can significantly profile our image as a country. instead of confrontation, which will not be in the best interest of both the government and the artistes.”

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