Beauty | 4 July 2017 15:52 CET

Actress, Mbong Amata Reveals What Keeps her Skin Glow all Year round

Pretty Nollywood actress, Mbong Amata, has been enjoying herself since relocating to the US, and things seem to have fallen in place for her.

She has let go her past and she is not ready to give her heart to any man for now as she focuses on building a strong empire for herself.

The actress has been looking so cool and clean which goes to show that she eats well, and does things relating to her health at the right time.

Sharing tips on what makes her skin stay glow all year round, she explained, “I get asked all the time about my "Glow" secret and most times my response usually sounds cliche‘. You know the basic stuff people tell you...try this product...and that product..bla bla bla. But here's the truth you probably don't wanna hear..all that is BS if you don't do the "In Thing". So now I will be sharing 4 not so easy steps on how to find "Your Glow" and staying "Glowed up" forever.

“Find yourself, Accept Yourself, Love Yourself, Be Yourself. No one said it'll be easy because it wasn't easy for me too...BUT if you succeed in getting through with all 4 steps, you just sit back, sip on some Bellini and watch you "Glow" inside out for life! Remember It starts on the inside...Always an inside Job.”

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