Health Workshop | 22 June 2017 20:15 CET

MBMN International Queen Christy Daniel Shoes Away Diseases For Dutse Primary School (photos)

Reigning Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria International, Queen Christy Daniels has continued her health related project with the distribution of school sandals to kids in primary school at Dutse, Abuja after kicking off from an IDP Camp in FCT games village few months ago.

The project which is tagged PROTECT THE CHILD \'S FEET‎ (SHOES FOR SAFETY), is designed for the less privileged school aged children.

The University of Abuja graduate of Biological science department ‎and model educated the kids on the dangers of unprotected feet in unhygienic areas. The pretty model initiated the project concept to give them the 'shoes that grow' for safety. The shoes for safety is referred also as shoes that grow, for 5 years in 5 sizes of corresponding feet growth. The first batch of the shoes which her office ordered for was shared amongst the kids in a school at the IDP Camp while the second batch was shared recently at Dutse Primary, Abuja

‎The industrious beauty queen launched this PROTECT THE CHILD \'S FEET‎ project through the office of the Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria International in collaboration with Queen Christy Daniel Foundation. Also with her at the school was her manager and project director of the brand Alex Nwankwo

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