Celebrity | 26 March 2017 12:34 CET

Trouble: God Will punish All Celebs That Don't Care for Their Mothers…Singer, Terry G

It’s mother’s day celebration and some Nigerian celebrities have taken time out to celebrate their mothers and the struggle they went through to make them who they are today but not all are doing this.

Singer, Terry G, has been taking a close observation at these trends and has decided to speak out about some of his colleagues who do not understand what the nine months journey is all about.

Terry G stated that some celebs chose not to celebrate their mothers because they are not proud of her but prefer spending money of buying chains to look good but layed a curse that if they don’t repent, God’s punishment awaits them.

According to him, “Most celebs don't take care of their mothers, maybe that's why they not proud to let the world see her or celebrate her...keep buying gold chains and don't take care of your parents...God will still punish you...lol #proudofmymom.”

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