Touch Of Thoughts | 15 October 2016 19:52 CET

7 Things Pregnant Moms Do That Affect Their Babies Negatively


We can affect our unborn baby negatively, simply because of the choices we make. Talking to your doctor may well be the best course of action. In the meanwhile, here are seven ways a pregnant woman can affect her baby.

1. Steer clear of traffic:
An international study concluded that breathing in pollutants like dust and smog, or being exposed to traffic for long times while pregnant, may lead to low birth weight in the unborn baby. So, avoid getting into heavy traffic, or risking exposure to pollutants for too long.

2. Ditch processed meat:
Processed meat may be delicious, and oh-so-convenient. But, there is nothing convenient about the symptoms of listeria, especially when you are expecting. It can lead to complications like premature delivery or even a stillbirth.

3. More vitamin D:
You can never get enough of vitamin D. It is an essential nutrient for the developing fetus, and is not easily available in foods. A University of Calgary research stated that low levels of Vitamin D in pregnant women increased their risk of preeclampsia, low birth weight and gestational diabetes.

4. Avoid SSRIs:
Antidepressants and SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) can lead to complications in an expectant woman. It has been found that more than one out of ten women take antidepressants during pregnancy.

5. Stay away from passive smoke:
Smoking is something that most pregnant women, at least the ones who love themselves, don't do. But, what you also need to avoid is hanging around people who smoke. A recent study noted that children born to moms who had been exposed to second-hand smoke during their gestational phase gave birth to children who developed aggression problems by the time they were five years old.

6. Moderate coffee intake:
Getting up early and getting things done may not seem very sunny without that morning cup of coffee, but if experts were to be believed, you'd be doing yourself no harm in avoiding that tempting elixir…em drink. If you must drink coffee, it shouldn't be any more than six ounces every day.

7. Control weight gain:
Obesity during pregnancy can increase your chances of suffering from a wide array of problems. However, studies have now linked maternal obesity to obesity in children later in life. One particular study hinted at the increased risk of asthma in the unborn baby as well.

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