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#WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood Is All Shades Of Funny!


Nigeria’s movie industry referred to as ‘Nollywood’ has come a long way from the days of ‘Blackberry babes’ and ‘Dumebi the dirty girl’. However, there is very little doubt that Nollywood has served and still continues to serve some truly cringeworthy moments.

Nigerians have started an insanely funny yet relatable twitter hashtag on Why they stopped watching Nollywood movies and here are some of our best picks.

#WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood There was some movie where this blind lady said “it’s so good to see you my son.”

(@MsPatches_) September 7, 2016

when the person is shot in the leg,but he bleeds from the mouth. #WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood

— Kevin Trini (@KevKipkoech) September 7, 2016

#WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood what sort of movie title is this ??

— Shködran Mustafi (@BoomXhakaLacaa) September 7, 2016

They do a flashback “5 years ago” and everyone is wearing the same exact thing #WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood

— Mufasa ❌ (@JeSuisNaga) September 7, 2016

There are a million reasons #WhyIStoppedWatchingNollywood but this is the main one.

— Munene Official (@MuneneOfficial) September 7, 2016

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