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5 Ways Typical Nigerians Deal With Heartbreak


If you find any person sitting on a bed, eating ice cream and crying over a breakup, chances are that person is not a typical Nigerian. Yes, like it is with most other people from around the world, a heartbreak can be an overwhelming experience for any Nigerian: the pain of losing the one the heart desires, the shame of being rejected, the self-doubt that sets in with denial and most of all the emotional pain which is far worse than physical pain.

They, however, understand that a huge heartbreak is not a disease and does not precipitate any form of paralysis or keep them from enjoying the rest of our lives and relationships.

Wondering how a typical Nigerian deals with heartbreak? Jumia Trave l reveals it five key things they do

Maintain their normal routine
After a heartbreak, you most likely feel like your heart has been forcefully ripped out of its rib cage and you just want to crawl into fetal position and cry yourself to oblivion, but a typical Nigerian, despite feeling such a way, goes on strong in maintaining his/her normal routine. This is perhaps the hardest thing to do but they realize it somehow renews their sense of purpose, reminds them of their value and took their mind off of the hole in my chest. Some even take on some kind of intense, rage-based workout routine. They keep busy, forcing themselves to do things and be around people.

Put away all Keepsakes and mementoes
Hanging on to what was is a sure way of limiting progress. A good way start for most Nigerians who embark on the journey of letting is putting away keepsakes that evoke memories. They do not necessarily destroy it, as they do not know how handy it may be in the future, but they separate themselves from it. They also block the heartbreaker on social media, as they know that despite how mature and reasonable they are the occasional reminder of him/her on their wall or timeline, could be a huge setback.

Find comfort in music, comedy and partying with friends

Nigerians tend to have an affiliation to music and it is no surprise as music is food for the soul. A typical Nigerian would turn to music for healing after a heartbreak or record a song about it, maybe even become a star when the song becomes a hit. Rather than dwell on the past or lost future, they distract themselves with positivity and laughter with friends. They spend time watching old favorites and seeking out new funny films or they go partying for a head rush.

Go On a Trip
A typical Nigerian, who has the time and money, would set out on a trip when dealing with heartbreak. Nothing does well for the soul like shopping and traveling. Heartbreak gives a level of freedom, especially when the heartbreak is from a failed relationship, and Nigerians have over time realized that know that there is something incredibly healing about getting away from it all .

Nigerians are highly religious people and no matter their sect, they do not hesitate to get on their knees and pray to their God for help in times of heartbreak. In fact, that the period they become most spiritual and close to God. They spend time asking God to grant them a forgiving heart, healing , understanding and the strength to move on.

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