Fashion | 3 July 2016 23:13 CET

Mudi Fashion Boss, Clement Enajemo Opens Up On His Secret Wife


Mudi Clement Enajemo, the owner of Mudi once wanted to quit this fashion job because he was frustrated at the onset. He may be celebrating 24 years in the fashion industry but there was a time he was trekking from Lagos Island to Mainland. He is forever grateful to Richard Mofe- Damijo who paid for his first shop.

'I got my first shop through talented actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, famously known as RMD. I saved money to get a shop but it was not enough, I had to run to him so as to help me.

After he paid two years for me, I couldn't go back to him. I could only raise money for six months. That made me to go to another person. He told me to quit my work because it wouldn't pay me. He said he would introduce me to a friend who got clothes from Italy. Adding that I could be selling clothes instead of designing, I will make more money from that. I cannot forget those two incidents.' He revealed

'As I said, RMD came to my rescue. There was no capital, no structure, no godfather. RMD paid for my first shop. He gave me about N30,000. I had about N17,000. When he wanted to give me the money, I said no, his younger brother should go with me and pay. The invoice was written in his name. It took three months before I could move to the shop. I had to save to buy the things I needed to put there. I just started working. I had nothing at the beginning.' He said.

His private life is amazing 'I am married to two wives, my wife at home and my work. My work is my first wife. I met my matrimonial wife through this work. I used to tell my wife then, at times, we say it jokingly. My social life is suffering. I hardly club. In two years, I have not been to one. Once a while, I party but by 12 am, I must leave because I have to be at work by 7am.

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