Nollywood Q&A | 21 June 2016 12:30 CET

Married Men No Longer Cheat on Their Wives…Charly Boy


Nigerian musician cum social critique, Charly Boy, has really been studying the change in the society and country at large and each times he observes the sudden change, he has something to say which many tend to agree with him.

Charly Boy recently pointed out that the sad situation of the country has forced cheating men to be wise as they have now returned home to their marriages due to the rate at which ladies now come with long bills of their challenges to them.

According to him, the change currently being experienced as now turned to the single guys who are now looking for sugar mummies to care and pay their bills.

“Remember back in the days, when we used to hear about "bottom power"; how some women screwed their way up to reckoning as either a girlfriend or someone's kept mistress. These days stories like that may have diminished a bit due to the harsh reality of our economy. Jungle don mature, men no dey so drop for women again like before.

“Many men are all in hiding, running away from women, especially those carrying shopping list, invoice booklet or those who come as extra baggage with multiple choice problems. O my God Kai!!!!! Men are wiser these days I hope, I see some of them running away and toning down their womanizing things because e get as e be o. Especially married men. Even the bachelors are looking for sugar mummies who can take care of them and their bills.”

But with this opinion of Charly Boy, how many women will agree with him and do the single guys really look for sugar mummies to settle with?

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