Nollywood Q&A | 9 October 2010 02:40 CET

Introducing the loud actress whos take home pay is thirty kay!

By olofofo

This actress is a salon owner and decided joining Nollywood is not such a bad idea...afterall, problem is her acting is so bad that the highest money she has received since she began her career is thirty thousand naira..that is if the producer is in a good mood oh.

This actress almost got her big break from the movie 30days but something went wrong.

Most actresses,her supposed colleagues avoid her because of her diarhea mouth and her follow-follow attitude,however,she found a best friend forever in an actress who is loved by all and can go to 'Uk' as she pleases.

'This actress last year was cruising around an Ml jeep which she was telling everyone she has sold but the truth of the matter is that her married lover took back his car after the deal to marry her went sour.

''She was telling people that the man who lives in lekki with his oyibo wife got permission from the sick wife to marry another wife and she was hand picked by the man. The actress moved in with the couple and was playing the role of iya nle before it went sour.''

Infact her presence in the house almost broke up the man and his wife before she was hurriedly kicked out.

''She claimed to have made money before joining Nollywood, and that some actresses are sleeping around to get roles but she is just doing her thing''.

The name of this actress? She shares the same last name with that boxer whos first name is alphabeth 19-1-13-21-5-12.her first name can be abbreviated to 19-21-5 but if you choose to use it properly it begins with 19 and ends with the 14th alphabeth!..happy decoding.

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