Nollywood Hardtalk | 4 June 2016 10:30 CET

I have found love with myself- Alex Okoroji


Nollywood actress Alex Okoroji, whose marriage with Ghanaian actor, Omar Captan ended some years is disappointed with Omar, who couldn't send a birthday message to their six year old son some days ago. Alex who is single is still open to a fresh relationship if the right person comes along but her affair with Omar is over.

Alex said “I'm done! Ex is ex please. Ex is for a reason. My focus is on the future, not my past. I am open to love, the right kind. I'm not available for circus. I am also open to marriage at the right time with the right person; with a man who is not intimidated by a strong ambitious woman like me, an open minded man who has goals for his life and is honest, transparent, affectionate and not afraid to be expressive; a man who is bold enough to love me in a way no man ever can or ever has, a solid thinking man, one without pun, or mind games but just the real kind of grown love.”

She added “I have found love with myself. This is not a cliché. Believe me, there is nothing as beautiful as self-love. The moment you learn to love yourself is the very moment you realise your self-worth. It's the moment you realise what you deserve, what you can put up with and what you should never tolerate. “

The relationship of Omar and their son has not been smooth. Alex only want Omar to talk about his relationship with their son “If you get an answer from him, please let me know. I'm also curious to know why. How can anyone not acknowledge the existence of his first son who is his splitting image, a child he was present at his birth, a child born into his arms, on his own birthday – a gift he had requested from God many times, with his own mouth in front of many? He even knew the child was there before I realised it. He knew the child was a boy before I did a scan,” she said.

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