Behind the scene | 10 January 2009 13:50 CET

Lola Alao swindled


Lola Alao is one Yoruba actress that has made a name since she joined the movie industry years ago.

She is regarded a big babe in the movie industry and she is really living up to her status.

Recently, Alao fell into the hands of fraudsters and the actress told Life and Beat that she lost close to N1.7m within a twinkling of an eye.

Recounting how the incident happened, Alao told Life and Beat that she got a call from a guy who claimed that the governor of Ogun State wanted her to supply Christmas hampers to the state government.

Alao said she was on her way from the airport that day where she went to pick up the goods she brought from Italy.

”I took an airport taxi and the guy called me and suggested we meet at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja where we would meet the governor. As soon as I got to the hotel, the guy said the governor has gone to the airport and that we should go and meet him there.”

Alao disclosed the man advised her to discharge the airport taxi she came with and put her goods in the trunk of his car.

“And just as we started going to the airport, he slowed down and said his car had developed a fault. He said I should come down from the car so that he would push it. As soon as I came down, he zoomed off. That was how I lost all my goods, my international passport and my phones.”

Alao said that the fraudster called her days later and asked her to give him an address where he would drop her international passport.

”I gave him an address and surprisingly, he dropped the passport there. He said he wanted to give me a birthday present and returning my passport was the present.

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