Behind the scene | 18 April 2016 21:25 CET

Nollywood Lari Williams Revealed His Regrets So Far In Life

Source: Hope Efoghe/

As blessed as our country is, we have talents that have continuously being passed from one generation to another.

Renowned thespian, Lari Williams, in a recent interview revealed his regrets so far in life.

Though separated from his wife, he claims to be doing fine all by himself. He is still relevant in the movie industry as he still does what he loves doing.

Aside being a thespian, he is a writer and a director. When asked what his regrets are, he had this to say;

''I will also say I was not lucky enough to have the kind of money to join social clubs that would take me to the social circle I would have loved to be. In my profession here, as a pioneer, I will say I came in too soon to my profession. As a pioneer actor, we have worked for future generation. Today's people are working and getting marvelous sums for making movies. Maybe I should have remained in the academics and just teach what I know but I love the art and wanted to practice it. Anyway, all that I have done, I have done them well. It is just that money didn't come the way it should have come.''

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