Nollywood At Large | 14 March 2016 22:03 CET

Some Nollywood Producers are Theives, Africa Magic Need to Screen Movies...Blessing Effiom Egbe

Nollywood actress cum producer, Blessing Effiom Egbe, ha come out blowing hot after she discovered how some Nollywood producers go about repeating same title of movie, script and ideas.

The actress stated that some producers because they are paid, they just hump on set and steal other people's work while asking if they are now short of ideas.

She questioned popular cable channel, Africa Magic, on why they don't screen content they buy before airing it to their viewers.

In her words, “I'm sitting here watching Africa magic 151 and all I see is DISCLOSURE Season 2 story. This is a shame and I am Sad for this industry. Actors, Producers, directors! Don't jump on set because you are paid to work. People steal & copy stories! In the end, you will look stupid

“Are we running out of ideas in Nollywood? Can two or more film makers sell same story to Africa Magic? Don't you watch films you buy? Goodness!! Same names, same lines, same story. These film makers tomorrow will parade themselves as film makers. Who are we to then cry about piracy? And script writers who sell same script to two or more people. Your reward is coming. You are worse than a pirate & will reap what u sow!”

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