Hot Issues | 13 March 2016 22:19 CET

Men Harass Actresses Who Don’t Know Their Onions –Jennifer Igbinovia


With the many complaints of producers harassing actresses in Nollywood, Jennifer has revealed that it is only those who are begging for roles that suffer such mishaps. In a recent interview, she explained how she came into the movie industry.

“My career started when a friend in Kaduna invited me for an advert that fitted my brief. When I got there, I discovered that it was an MTN advert. I was picked for the job. At the end of the day, I was paid N300, 000. That really made me to consider taking up a career in acting.”
Jennifer said about harassment , “I believe that men harass ladies who don't know their onions, and beg for roles. But I would rather audition and get my role on merit, than beg or do anything stupid.”

Then added “I cannot date a fellow artiste. I like to respect my work environment. I wouldn't want any conflict of interests when it concerns my job. My ideal man is a man who respects and loves his woman. A man who is ready to tell you the truth no matter what it would cost him. Of course, he must have a sense of humour, and be romantic, because I love to laugh. That is my ideal man.”

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