Hot Issues | 27 January 2016 11:50 CET

Frustrated People Use Social Media to Hate and Run Their Mouth…K1’s Daughter, Damilola Marshal

Wasiu Ayinde Marshal's daughter, Dami, who was recently called to the Bar, even if not making the cases she handles public, is seriously proving that she knows her onions having spent thousands of Naira to study law.

Dami who has been very vocal especially with the Nigerian entertainment industry and it's ill activities like intellectual property theft, has just spoken her mind on the way people make use of the internet.

She questioned if social media is still what it was meanrt to be as it has been so polluted by those she describes as “frustrated people” who come around to “hate and run their mouths.”

In her words, “Today's thought: is social media really social media any more? I don't think so. It's a place of gossip and hate, frustrated people come here to hate and run their mouths, pussy cats in real life, lions on the internet. Nothing here is real, fake comments and shit.”

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