Music News | 14 January 2016 11:14 CET

We are not Ready to Work with old Actors in Our Next Movie…Illbliss

Co-owner of CAPital Hills Records, Tobechukwu Ejiofor better known as Illbliss, believes that for one to survive in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it's all about striving and consistency rather than trying to compete with others.

The singer in a recent chat with stated that music in Nigeria is about entertaining and also business as he will rather chose to make business with music than to compete with others.

He stated that he cannot for an artiste to have him feature on a musical video even just to stand without singing; he has to be paid for it.

According to him, “some of the popular artistes that get featured on some musical videos get paid while some don't but for me, whether being featured I have to sing or just stand and look, I have to be paid because that is business.”

Speaking about their new project which is movie production after a successful premiere of the film called 'Hex', produced by Clarence Peters, a 25 minute-long short horror film in September 2015, Illbliss, disclosed that for 2016, they are planning to have a full movie package.

He stated that in the short film 'Hex,' they did not feature known faces which is the same thing they plan to do in the full movie as their intention is to give the new talents the opportunity to grow.

“we can't continue using old actors all the time, you can see in the trailer of 'Hex' that we did not use known faces so in our full movie production, we are not going to use known faces. The young talents needs to grow also,” he said.

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