Film/TV Workshop | 14 December 2015 13:02 CET

Actors Sometimes Accept Scripts Grudgingly—Amanda Ebeye

Nollywood actress, Amanda Ebeye, has urged her colleagues to be very prayerful and also be careful of roles they agree to play in movie.

Amanda said sometimes, they get to accept scripts they do not fancy all because of to have something doing.

She said, “As an actor, I've learned that the jobs you do either make or mar you. The jobs you do are like judgment day, they go in front of you to decide what you become, your fate, where you're headed.

“Weakness: to pray and hope for a job; the job comes, it's a bad script but you'll rather do it than seat at home. Strength: you pray and hope for a job, you're doing nothing. The script comes it's a bad one and you say no this ain't mine. Every actor should pray for strength to say no.”

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