Fanbox | 1 December 2015 16:10 CET

See What Actress, Chiege Alisigwe Got As Birthday Gift

Nollywood actress, Chiege Alisigwe, is truly paid her dues in the Nigerian movie industry since venturing into it in 1998.

The actress, whose first marriage was said to have lasted only three months, is counting her blessings at the moment and naming them one by one.

After her first marriage crashed, she was quoted to have highlighted what she would want from her ideal man.

Hear what she said then, “I love a God-fearing, determined and hard working man. He must be respectful and humble. Men who are full of themselves bore me stiff. I detest being around them. He could be good looking as people say, but I don't mind that. I find it hard to discuss about men in the good looking adjective because it does not follow. He must just be a man, and this doesn't mean being a monster.”

Luckily for her, she got the man she dreamt of and she has given him something to show for in the union.

Recently, the actress celebrated her birthday and her husband gave her a surprise birthday gift, which she never imagined.

Chiege got a gift of a complete set of production equipment from her husband and the actress disclosed that this “means more (movie) productions” for her.

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