General News | 29 October 2015 21:13 CET

Let’s Stop Cheating The Poor…Dencia Warns

Singer, Dencia, was recently in Nigeria and while taking a drive down, she continued to monitor the way people were struggling to survive in the country as she hoped that the rich people could always lay a helping hand to those in need.

The singer was almost angry with her colleagues during the ride after they had made a reckless pricing of an edible commodity they had wanted to buy along the road feeling the price was too high.

“A few days ago we were riding down Maitama (Abuja) & saw a beautiful lady in her late 20's selling boiled groundnuts/peanuts, we stopped & she came over to my side of the Car. How much I asked, (3Cups 4 100 naira) I said ok let's have 3, my friend goes No, its 4 Cups & I tell her no she said 3, let's take 3 cups, do you go to LV, Hermes, Chanel & argue prices of the things u buy?,” she explained.

Further sharing similar incident which occurred, the singer called on wealthy people to learn how to support those trying to make ends meet for themselves rather than making life difficult for them.

“If we stop trying to bargain everything with people who need the money the most,trust me we will have more entrepreneurs growing faster

“When you see a young beautiful girl walking over 20+ miles selling peanuts, the least you can do is support her hard work. It's not easy but simple acts of kindness & standing up for people go a long way,” she said.

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