Nollywood Hardtalk | 2 October 2015 13:33 CET

Why Can’t Nigerian Youths Struggle and Not Depend on Govt and Parents…Charly Boy

Singer, Charly Boy better known as Area Fada, in a recent interview with NAN, has called on Nigerian youths to step up their game by being dependent rather than waiting on the government.

The singer pointed that despite the country's level of independence, the youths of today still believes the government, parents and Nigeria still hold them a lot.

“It is now 55 years since we gained independence as a nation. My serious concern is the youth who are said to be the future leaders. They are yet to see life with the attitude of true independence,” he said.

He said youths being the future leaders; they have to learn how to be self independent and struggle to make ends meet for themselves instead of hoping that one person somewhere will get them to the promise land.

According to him, “They still look on government, their parents and Nigeria for everything and the change they so much desire cannot come that way. Why can't they look inward, take their future in their hands through hard work and personal development?”

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