Meet Nollywood Stars | 1 September 2015 20:01 CET

Bo0bs For Sale: Nollywood Stars On Rampage (Photos)

There seems to be a new trend among female entertainers in Nigeria and this is showing off their cleavages at public events. To these female stars, they are not bothered with what people might say so far they are okay with their acts.

Some of them have even forgotten the fact that they are role models to many children looking up to them.

Recently, Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda was in the news for her outfit to her movie premiere, which revealed too much of her two moulds on her chest. Days ago, Funke Akindele was also in the news for similar reason.

If you think this trend is among single ladies, then you are very wrong. Newly-wed, Osas Ajibade, fed many men with what should have been for her husband alone. Her outfit for the Miss Charismatic Nigeria pageant over the weekend, where she was a judge raised eyebrows.

Among these stars, if there would be an award for b0obs flaunting, who do you think will win it?

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