Meet Nollywood Stars | 22 November 2016 10:47 CET

Kannywood Movies Look Fake Because Ladies Can’t Touch Men… Actress, Maryam Musa

Popular Kannywood actress, Maryam Musa, has been able to make a name for herself in the Nigerian motion pictures and she has become one of the most sought after actresses.

With the kind of rules and regulations guiding actors in the Kannywood industry with example of actress Rahama, being expelled for featuring in musical video which she was criticized about, there have been various fears about the industry.

Speaking with Sun newspaper, the actress explained that kissing, romance or even touching a man is not all about the entertainment industry but is an Islamic religion and Hausa tradition which frowns at it.

She accepted that fine it is the rules they follow while acting but the rules makes their movies look fake because they cannot touch a man who is not their husband.

According to her, “It is not just within the entertainment industry, the Islamic religion and Hausa tradition condemn it. As actresses, we are not allowed to sit close to a man who is not our husband, and since you are not married in real life, you don’t have to depict it in movies. Our religion forbids it.

“However, it makes the movies look fake because you cannot touch a man who is your husband in a movie, even when he is sick. Professionally, I feel bad. However, I don’t have any regret not touching a man or playing romantic roles because my Islamic faith is my priority.”

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