Spotlight | 23 August 2015 17:42 CET

Capitalize On Your 'Death' Hoax --Orezi Advise Skibii

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Budding singer, Esegine Allen, better known by his stage name Orezi, has offered a piece of advise to Skiibii Manyana's over the trending issue of his supposed faked death.

The singer who confessed his own negative publicity worked for him, sometime last year, stated that Skiibii's publicity stunt or whatever it was, worked, adding that people who didn't know of the artiste, even outside the shores of Nigeria, now know him.

The Delta born artiste also advised Skiibii to capitalize on the publicity, whether positive or otherwise to introduce a new song, because according to him there is nothing like bad publicity, but it all depends on the artiste involved channels it to his advantage or disadvantage.

"A lot of people are angry because they felt it was too extreme, but if he uses it to his advantage and blows up with a great song all of us will come out again to say (the stunt) actually (worked) and everything will be forgotten.”

Recalling his own case of alleged drug trafficking, Orezi said; “I did not do it intentionally though so I wouldn't say I did it. When I was I Dubai, news came out that I was caught there for drug trafficking. It went viral. Everyone was calling my mum. I was afraid and all but it got me more popular so I will say it worked. But it wasn't premeditated.”

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