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Terry G Vs Suni Osorun: Who Is The Actual Owner Of The Ferrari

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One of the lofty dreams in everyone's life is to live a life of comfort and luxury and Nigerian celebrity, Terry G might just have revealed one of his dream buys in the nearest future.

While Olamide also known as Baddo might have announced his dream of owning a luxurious car like the Ferrari, King of Madness as Terry G is often called has decided to pose with one of the exotic wonders on wheels.

Striking a pose with the car, Terry G is trying to acquire the car but probably wants to get the delivery of the car before announcing his latest addition. Such dream car may just become the talk of the town has which road will he drive it on.

Take a moment with me on this one, who really owns the Ferrari Terry G posed with? A careful investigation about the car reveals that a certain Suni Osorun who is involved in the world of actors and modeling has called the car his own baby. He is listed as one of the co-founders of a record label in USA.

Upon further checks, the same car has two sets of different plate numbers, but could the record label owner possess two Ferraris?

Meanwhile, is Terry G doing the popular 'Borrow Pose'? Remember, rapper el Dee the Don once sang about posing with things that don't belong to the poser as 'Wash'? Or is he an 'Alan Poser'?

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