Behind the scene | 26 May 2015 13:58 CET

Tchidi Chikere ‘Unites’ Sophia’s Son & Nuella Njubigbo’s Daughter (Picture)

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

When ace Nollywood producer-cum-director, Tchidi Chikere, reportedly abandoned his former wife, Sophia and proposed to fast-rising actress, Nuella Njubigbo, many tongues wagged and even some of his colleagues frowned at his decision.

But that did not deter the handsome actor to go with his heart.

What some observers were worried about was if Tchidi would abandon his three sons with Sophia or not.

Few months ago, his new wife, Nuella, gave him a bouncing baby girl. The news was received with joy, though some of his fans still felt bitter that Tchidi left Sophia for Nuella.

But Tchidi has shown that he is still in contact with his children from his previous marriage, going by the latest photograph he posted on the internet.

In the photograph, the actor was with his last son with Sophia and his daughter. He captioned it, "When there is no fuel, you gotta stay home and bond."

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