Nollywood At Large | 10 March 2015 11:40 CET

Upcoming Actresses Always Want To Feel Among Easily—Grace Amah

Nollywood actress, Grace Amah, says the new crop of actresses in the industry are truly favoured because they never went through what some of their senior colleagues in the industry went through before getting movie roles.

According to her, nowadays, an actress can get a movie role just by getting the attention of a filmmaker, and at the end of the day, sees herself as a star.

The mother of one said even though she does not have any issue with such, Grace expressed her dissatisfaction at the attitudes put up by these up-and-coming actresses.

“I think I'll just say that they are favoured in the sense that the things we went through are certainly not the things they are going through right now.

“Someone could now just walk in or a producer could just see someone on the road and call the person to do a role. Before you know what's happening, the person is being seen everywhere as a star,” Grace said in an interview.

“I don't have an issue with people being stars but it's really unbecoming for someone who just came in yesterday to begin to rub shoulders with people who have been there. Some don't have respect for elders.

“When they see their senior colleagues, they expect them to say 'Hello' to them and even when the senior colleague goes the extra mile to say 'Hello', they snub them. That's rubbish. It's just so bad that we don't have ethics in Nollywood,” she added.

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