Premieres/Red Carpet | 5 February 2015 22:44 CET

Ghanaian Ladies Go Wild For Nollywood Male Stars

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

For the record, Nollywood's young and good-looking men might go missing anytime soon! Would you believe me?

Nollywood films are gaining so much international recognition that anytime soon, Nigerian celebrities could be given Ghanaian nationalities if Nollywood dare go to sleep without locking the doors.

Ayo Makun fondly called Ay The Comediam, premiered his record-breaking movie, '30 Days In Atlanta' in Ghana sometime ago and the West African neighbours are showering love without boundaries on the Nigerian cast.

Ramsey Nouah was mobbed by the ladies who took group and individual photos with fans. The ladies were in obvious awe of the fair-skinned veteran and were heard making moans and star-struck stares.

All Progressive Congress aspirant, Desmond Olushola Elliot (DOE), was also taken to by who else - females! Dressed in a blue tuxedo, DOE began his photo session right from he moment he walked in. Even while he was not as comfortable as at close body quarters, a lady pressed on to take a selfie with him.

Producer of the movie, Ayo Makun, Ay The comedian, was crowded out when he appeared on the red carpet. the mics and camera lens were almost pushed in his face in the bid to get the perfect picture and sound. AY was almost swallowed up by the Ghanaian press.

Now compared the media personnel surrounding AY at the premiere in Ghana and Nigeria, which is more pressing!

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