Relationships | 5 November 2014 06:30 CET

Tunde Obe On Running Successful Marriage

Lately, marriages in the entertainment industry have come under public scrutiny. The issue of troubled unions in the industry has almost become a reoccurring decimal, which has made some people to assume that marriages of celebrities do not last long.

The issue has also made some people to give different reasons for such problems, but it seems nothing good has come out of it. Even efforts by respected public figures and men of God have not yielded any meaningful result.

Tune Obe, a respected music artiste in Nigeria, who has been married to his wife, Wunmi, also a singer, with both going by the group name, TWO, has given tips on how to run a successful home and marriage. The two public figures have maintained a good relationship since first starting a romantic affair in the last 80s.

Tunde advised celebs not to allow the media of fans get a glimpse of the challenges their marriages might be going through. He said couples may have marital problems if they put too much or too little of themselves into their marriage.

"Couples may have marital problems if they put 2 much or 2 little of themselves in2 their marriage.. U must find a balance," he said.

The singer said he tries to make his wife laugh at least once a day.

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