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Behold, golden couples of Nollywood!


Despite the frequent break up of marriages in Nollywood, there are still some players who are keeping it real and making us proud. But if asked, they will tell you that it is not easy keeping a home. They have faced challenges and some of these homes nearly collapsed, but for the couples' strong resolve to make it work and the spirit of give and take coupled with God's grace are some of the things that these golden couples of Nollywood adduced as their staying power.

Joke and Olu Jacobs
Since time immemorial, these two top Nollywood personalities have been inspiration to up and coming ones. They have had their challenges and rumour has it recently that they both broke up and Joke Silva relocated abroad. She denied the rumour but admitted that they do have challenges. The couple is blessed with …… children and had a particularly trying period when they lost one of their daughters. Against all odds, they are still standing tall and proud. According to Joke Jacobs in a recent interview, 'We are both actors. And like every married couple, we have our own challenges. It has been this way since the beginning, but we were prepared for it because we discussed it before we got married. Moreso, marriage has its own ups and downs'.

Dejo Richards and Monalisa Chinda
Their union was not given a fair chance to succeed at inception because they are both in show business. Dejo is an event promoter and entertainment entrepreneur while Monalisa is a super actress. Dejo appears too smallish in stature for the UNIPORT graduate but he has proven to all that being a man has nothing to do with stature. The marriage withstood child birth delay as they had to wait for four years before the arrival of their first child, Kire Jesu. They have also survived cruel rumours of breakup. 'We handle our affairs maturely' Dejo told us the last time we spoke with him.

Anita Hogan and Ted Mark
Their marriage might not be more than two years, but one thing that qualifies this marriage to be in this category is the fact that it was contracted in the first place. Anita's career was beginning to take shape and gather momentum when some wicked and mischievious people went to town with her nude pictures with that of a supposedly 'white aristo'. But to the consternation of all, the white man who later turned out to be Ted Mark and Anita Hogan, the ex-Gulder Ultimate contestant got married. Till date, they are still married and the marriage is waxing strong despite Ted's constant travel. The nude pictures dealt Anita's career a deathly blow, but her man beside her is more than enough consolation.

Patrick and Ireti Doyle
Patrick was once married before his wife passed on. He later got hooked to Ireti, whom many refer to as a talented actress. They dated for a while and both got married. The couple is blessed with six children, four from Pat's earlier marriage and they confessed to Spectator that love and tolerance have been the backbone of the union. Despite the glamour and stardom, they are still very much down to earth and committed to each other. They have been together for about eight years.

Omotola and Captain Matthew
This marriage is the contemporary version of that of Olu and Joke Jacob. They have been together for about 14 years and still waxing stronger. Omotola got married to pilot husband, Captain Matthew at the tender age of 18 on a plane and the marriage has been in flying colours ever since. Capt. Matthew is not an actor, but one thing he has going for him is his looks and charm. We can authoritatively report that the handsome dude is more popular than his showbiz wife in their neighborhood. Aside love, maturity and compromise are the reasons Omotola gave for the union today. Despite over a decade of being married, they both still show affections to each other as 18-years-olds do.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe
If there is a family that should have overdose pressure due to their celebrity status, it should be the family of Tunde and Wunmi Obe. This is simply because they belong to two constituencies-they sing and act. And to make matters worse, Tunde appears on TV alongside Charly Boy to present Zoom Time. Tunde once told us of how a set of beauty beefy stormed his hotel room when he had an assignment outside Lagos. He had to run away and call his wife. Such were the temptations the father of four. The couple is still together and Wunmi, who took part in Amaka Igwe's soap recently, has had her own fair share of challenges, but they have chosen the path of 'no divorce'. She told us earlier this year that communication and respect for each other's feeling is the staying power of the marriage.

Ramsey Nouah and Emilda-Philips.
Ramsey married this Beninoise woman about seven years ago and they are still together despite Ramsey's playboy image. You will find Ramsey's reason for settling down with her funny: “She is easy to cuddle and from a good home”. In an interview he granted a lifestyle magazine, he has this to say, 'I'm a family oriented kind of guy. And I want to settle down with a woman of the same vision with me. A woman who would share my family with me, the love and everything that comes with the family. And I found all that in her.

Outside the fact that I love her, she is very small, she's petite, but she is cute in her little being; she's like a teddy bear, the kind of woman you want to cuddle and do a lot of things with, and I saw all that in her. A well brought up girl from a good home, and a good family. Like I said, a good wife is not easy to come by, and when you have it, you have a very great treasure. And I found all these in her. Coincidentally, we went to the same primary school, Atara Primary School. And after we left, we went to different secondary schools, you know. And we never saw; it was 16 years after before I bumped into her again. So, immediately I saw her, I knew that she was just the perfect woman for me. You know, I've been around and I've seen quite a few women in my short living life, and I've met a few of them. I know that she's one in a million, and I knew I had to settle down with her. And I was praying she would feel the same way about me. ” Need we say reason they family is still standing tall?

Emeka and Emma Ike
Emeka and his half-caste wife had their traditional marriage in October 2003. That was after they had legally tied the knot three years earlier and till today, the bond remains tied.
They have seen it all; from the days Emeka was one of the boys till when he grew to become the highest paid actor in Nollywood. Despite fame and huge fortune, Emeka had remained one of the most consistent married men in the entertainment industry. They have three boys to show for the eight years union; Michael, Kelly and Jason who was born recently. Emma is the one managing the school that was founded by the couple and she is the Vice President of CIS Movies, the entertainment company of the actor. 'My wife is deep,' Emeka Ike told us in an interview in 2003. I looked for my wife and I got her.' If being together is proof of right choice, Emma, whose mother is a German is definitely the right choice for the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) graduate.

RMD and Jumobi
He remains the golden boy of Nollywood. He might not be on the scene due to his current assignment as Special Aviser to Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, but his imprint in Nollywood is undeniable. One thing Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) has that most of his colleagues lack is that he has penchant of going out with choice women. We might not be able to name all the women rumour had it that he has gone out with, but what we can say authoritatively is the fact that he is a role model when it comes to marriage. His marriage to his late wife, May Ellen Ezekiel was noteworthy. RMD stuck by her side despite the fact that they could not produce a child. After her death, RMD remarried and got the lady half of Nigerian men were lusting after, Jumobi Adegbesan who was a presenter with AIT. They got married and have been blessed with children. Jumobi, who works with ZAIN stood by her husband when wicked rumour of philandering trailed him and he did same thing recently when a magazine went to town with alleged tales of her escapades with men. We've not had a one on one with either of them, but RMD has repeatedly said in various interviews that he married a woman who understands him.

Charles and Happy Novia
If you are a regular reader of this page, there is no need trying to introduce Charles Novia, he is a cerebral producer with a reputation for good movies. He married his wife, Happy who is the younger sister of Esse Agesse in 1999, a year after meeting her and both have been together. They both make the myth that husband and wife cannot run business together a nullity. They run November Production together with Charles in the driving seat. In an interview with a magazine, Charles says, 'Immediately I saw her, something in my spirit clicked and I said that is my wife'. Charles, who says November is a special month to him, will be celebrating the ninth year of their union come November.

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