Celebrity | 10 December 2015 11:04 CET

I'm not Psychologically Ready for Marriage…Actress, Lizzy Gold

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, is currently not happy with the way some people have received her since putting to bed about a month ago.

According to the actress, rumours have been circulating that she got pregnant for a married man and she has been receiving all sorts' mails regarding the paternity of the child.

For those who care to listen, she explained that the father of her child is still single and not married as widely speculated.

She stated that she has accepted the way things have turned out for her since she personally chose the way things should go for her and would not like people coming to meddle in her affairs.
In her words, “Rumours is always sweet to paddle in a canoe by some peeps, continue paddling d canoe until you go hit rock con break your neck join (laughs). I was raised in a Christian home, and I will never come in between someone else's home for those curious lovers bombarding my emails with questions.

“My baby daddy is as single as f*ck! and I am as real as f*ck I nor sabi pretend for those who know me, if I love you I love you if I don't love you, trust me I nor go send you. Dey say make your bed the way you choose to sleep on it, na ma bed I dey make so, go and make yours.”

Lizzy also disclosed that she might be single but she is not searching for a man now because she is not psychologically ready for marriage. "Single but not searching, not psychologically ready for marriage now for those curious friends. I love my life."

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