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Is Yvonne Nelson A Natural Beauty Or A Make Up Beauty?

By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima
 Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Since I wrote my controversial feature on "Ghanaian Actresses Are Hotter Than Nigerian Actresses" in December, 2011, it has become one of the most circulated articles on celebrities and read over 1 million times on the web where Yvonne Nelson was among the hottest

Ghanaian actresses. But many of the readers thought I was saying they were more Intimate than Nigerian actresses. No. Even a woman who is a virgin can be sexier than a Indecency actress. Being hotter means being sexier and yes I still insist that Ghanian actresses are sexier than Nigerian actresses in swagger. But Nigerian actresses are prettier. You can be pretty and still not be sexy and you don't have to be pretty to be sexy.

Yvonne Nelson

Back to topic on is Yvonne Nelson a natural beauty or a make up beauty?

Sometimes her face changes features due to make up.

Some photos show her with a dark complexion and other photos show her fair looking.

And in one photo, she is looking as ordinary as the girl next door and in another photo she is looking like a real movie star. In fact, one over excited fan called her the most beautiful Ghanaian actress. But heaven knows she is not.

Yvonne Okoro

In fact, Yvonne Okoro can even make Yvonne Nelson look less attractive from their looks. And in the selection of our 32 beauty queens of Nollywood, some most hyped actresses are missing and they may be pissed. But the fact is we cannot call them beauty queens, because they don't have the exceptional quality of a beauty queen even though beautiful. After-all, not every beautiful girl can be a beauty queen. A beautiful face is not enough to become a beauty queen. You must be beautiful from the crown of your head to the toes of your feet.

A pretty face with Knock knees cannot be as attractive as a beautiful babe with hot legs.

Yvonne Nelson is a bikini beauty, but I am not sure she can win a swimsuit contest in a beauty pageant.

Most of the photos of our entertainers are enhanced with photo shop.

After a photo session that lasted over four hours, I told a female model that I found her more beautiful without photo shop. But she did not agree, because most of them want to look like Cover Girls or versions of Barbie and end up messing up their natural beauty.

You meet a girl on the red carpet and you go WOW, but when you visit her later at home, she is looking different without her Brazilian hair and Mary Kay make up.

Yvonne Nelson

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